Déjà Vu Aestheticians specialize in aesthetic and healing facial therapy, including chemical peels. We use the well-integrated European Technique, certified medical aestheticians to renew your face and combat the aging process. All Euro-facials include a hand massage and a skin care analysis. With the latter technique, skin is analyzed with a special type of light to determine your skin type and condition; we then recommend the appropriate facial treatment. Deja Vu Spa Salon recommends and uses Ugotherapeutics Skincare products.

Déjà Vu specializes in several types of facial treatments including: Supreme Facial, Euro-Facial, and Acne-Facial.

The Supreme Facial is recommended for those who are 35-years and above. This facial includes a facial cleansing and massage, light exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, a custom blend mask containing some mixture of beeswax, dead sea minerals, botanicals, and vitamins. This mask is custom blended for your skin type. Following the mask procedure, moisturizing and high frequency treatments are applied.

The Euro-Facial is recommended for normal skin. This facial includes cleansing, light exfoliation, massage, custom blend mask, and moisturizer.

The Acne-Facial is recommended for problem skin. This treatment incorporates the use of medicated products to combat the acne problem using our derma roller which is available for you to better the appearance of your skin.

In addition to our standard facial treatments, we use , Déjà Vu specializes in two types of chemical peels: Glycolic Acid Peel and Jesners Peel. These peels combat skin problems ranging from acne to premature aging.

The Glycolic Acid Peel is a light exfoliation treatment designed to do exactly that: exfoliate the skin. This results in sloughing off the upper layers of the epidermis and encouraging regeneration of new epidermal tissue. The acid strength used is from 5% to 70%. The result ranges from no shedding to mild shedding of the skin. Six treatments are recommended.

The Jesners Peel is specially formulated to dramatically exfoliate the skin resulting in sloughing off the upper layers of the epidermis and encouraging regeneration of new epidermal tissue.

All of Déjà Vu’s facial and peeling treatments are at prices you can afford!