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Hair Design
A good haircut is an architectural signature, a Déjà Vu commitment.
All Déjà Vu haircuts include shampoo, condition and style AND FREE neck and bang trimming between appointments. Please take advantage of all our unique services. It is all about YOU the client.
Women, first visit from $65up
Maintenance from $55up
Men from $37up
Children from $25up
Braiding, Beard and Bangs Trim from $12 or free in between appointments
Shampoo/Style from $45-$65
Fashion Style (up do) from $65-$250
Hair Fusion upon consultation
Stylist Assistance when available 40% off any service
Hair Spa Treatments
Relax and Renew (chemical treated hair) extra $15 -$25
Dandruff treatment extra $15 -$25
Bodifying hair treatment (for thinning hair) extra $15 -$25
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Color & Texture
Déjà Vu designers specialize in corrective coloring with Framesi hair color and also in Matrix permanent waving system, this impact a sense of dimension and movement, that is , in the heart of contemporary fashion. All hair color services include a conditioner, blow dry, style and a color lock for long lasting shine.

Single Process Color from $65-$180

Partial Color from $65-$110 or $10.00/per foil
Full Head Color from $75-$250
Creative Color extra $25-$45 per color
Corrective Color (per process) upon consultation
Cap Highlight (short hair only) $65-$95
Men’s Highlights with Haircut from $65-$95
Permanent Waves & Smoothening treatments Brazilian $250-$450
Permanent Wave (short hair) $65-$150
Long hair/Spiral $95-$250
Relaxer/Texturize $55-$170
Japanese Straightening Brazillian Blowout (non fomaldehyde protein treatment) Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment $250-$700 $150-$500 $100-$250
Brazilian Blowout
 Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

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Waxing & Hair Removal

Full face $55
Brow $18
Chin, Cheek, Lip, Forehead, Feet, Finger each $15
Full Leg $75
Thigh $55
Lower Leg $50
Bikini/Buttocks from $50
Brazilian Bikini women from (First visit)Brazilian wax men from $65$75$85
Underarm $35
Full Arm $55
Half Arm $35
Upper or lower back $30(men) $12.50 (women)
Chest or abdomen $30(men) $12.50 (women)
Brow Tweezes or threading $18

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Aesthetic and healing therapy, utilizing the European Technique and American technology are well integrated by certified Medical aesthetician to renew your face and combat the aging process

Skin Care Analysis
Face is cleansed and analyzed to determine the appropriate therapy. And then moisturized … $55

European Youth Glow Facial
100% natural, gentle, non aggressive procedure exfoliates dead skin cells while renewing the texture and clarity of your skin. Recommended for all ages … $95

Hot Stone Facial
Hot stone helps to reduce sinus stress, promote relaxation and approve circulation. Recommended for all ages…$95

Supreme Facial
Recommended for 35 yrs and above. Facial includes cleansing and massage, light exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, a custom blend masque containing some mixture of beeswax, dead sea minerals, botanicals and vitamins custom blended for your skin type. Followed with the right moisturizer and high frequency treatment….$95

European Acne Facial
Recommended for problem skin An aggressive facial that includes mild glycolic acid treatment to aid extraction … $95

Express Facial 1/2 hr
Cleans, massage, moisturizer…$55

Back Facial
for pimples and discoloration This includes total exfoliation of the back. Mild glycolic acid treatment might be used to aid extraction…$95

Clinical Facial
Déjà Vu utilizes chemical and mechanical peels to combat skin problem ranging from acne to premature skin aging. Medical personal and/or medical aestheticians perform some of these specialized procedures.

Photo Facial
A photo rejuvenation light therapy. There is no downtime with this treatment and is effective for the treatment of wrinkles, acne, pimples, age spots, sun damage and the signs of aging. Results are maintained and better achieved with Ugo skin Care Products

Single Treatment 30 minutes $ 150.00

For wrinkles, acne scars, skin blemishes, large pores, skin exfoliation, cellulite, stretch marks, etc. Although there is visible difference with the first treatment, we recommend six to twelve treatments and maintenance every one to three months. The results are better achieved and maintained with our Ugo Skin care products. All treatments include cleansing and moisturizer.


One treatment $115
Add neck and chest $75
Add Hands $50
Add an oxygen treatment or facial $40

Glycolic Acid Peel with facial
This treatment is a light exfoliation treatment which could be done alone or incorporated into a facial. The strength used is from 5% to 70%. The result ranges from no shedding to light shedding of the skin. Six treatments are recommended – weekly or twice monthly. … $95 per treatment

Jesners Peel
Specially formulated to exfoliate the skin resulting in sloughing off of the upper layers of the epidermis, encouraging regeneration of new epidermal tissue.

Jesners Peel   $100-$300                    per treatment

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Déjà vu uses practical wearable makeup to fit your lifestyle. In the event that you cannot find a makeup in your shade, we will custom blend a makeup for you. Alternatively you may decide to have your makeup done permanently with our modified tattooing procedure called PERMANENT MAKEUP. Unlike tattooing, this procedure only penetrates .07mm of the epidermis. All our makeup is hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.

Makeup application from $35
Makeup touch-up from $10
Makeup application, analysis and special occasion from $55
Eye lash Extension $45-$150
Eye lash fill-in $25-$55
Lash dye $20
Brow dye $15

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Massage & Body Treatments
All Déjà Vu body treatments are designed for fat reduction and cellulite treatment, and also for harmony of your body spirit.
Corporate call outs are available on massage Call for pricing. There is a 20% surcharge on call outs within a 10 mile radius.

Stress Relieving Scalp Massage – 10 mins.
Relaxing and revitalizing
Body & Soul – 75 mins.
Combination treatment relieves pain and stress through reflexology and massage. Concentration is focused on relieving discomfort in the back, neck and shoulder areas utilizing thumb, finger and stretching techniques, since many people suffer from pain in the shoulders.. Deep Tissue – 60 mins


Hot Stone Massage – 90 mins
The hot stone massage eases light muscles, relieves stress and alleviates tension. This treatment entails the alternate use polished hot and cold basalt lava and sedimentary rocks to achieve the desired results.
Therapeutic Massage
Soothing Swedish relaxing massage…55 mins
Therapeutic Massage                        85 mins. $135
Couples Swedish Massage…60 mins $170
Express Tension Massage – 30 min- back only $60
Head, Neck, Back and Shoulders $55
Chair Massage – 15 mins $20
Steam Bath/Shower with essential aromatic oil $35
Shower $10
Body Scrub/Salt glow – 20min                                                 $60
A mildly invigorating scrub that nourishes the skin. Restore your skin’s natural glow with this exfoliation based on granulated pumice and essential oils.
Massage Cupping- 30mins                                                      $65

Body mask

Body scrub, shower and body mask $150
Hydrating Body Polish – 90 mins
Body scrub and a full body massage
Body Wrap/ Body Mask – 60mins.
Exfoliation included for inch loss and detoxification.Infra Red Body Wrap
$95-$200 $160
Body Bronzing – Self Tanning $75
Reflexology – 30 mins
feet and hand massage

Cellulite is a condition affecting 85% of post-adolescent women. Cellulite is the uneven, dimpled appearance of the skin on the arms, thighs, hips and buttocks. This condition is due to poor circulation. At Déjà Vu, we recommend six to twenty four treatments depending on the level of the cellulite. The cellulite treatments are sold in packages.

Endomologie 30 mins-45 mins $150
Endermatherapie Treatment 30 mins $65

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Nails Treatments – Manicures & Pedicures
Beautiful hands and beautiful feet are the crowning glory of any woman or man. Nail and feet treatment at Déjà Vu are the epitome of luxury, relaxation and health and are a must for any hard working soul.

Express Manicure $23
Shellac Manicure / Shellac Removal $45 / $10
Spa manicure $30
Spa pedicure $45
Deluxe pedicure $55
Any special foot treatment 10 extra
Gel, fiberglass, silk set $65
Tip overlay or Solar Nails Set $65
All nail Acrylic fill-in $35
Gel polish $10 extra
Nail repair/ Rewhitening $10
Nail shortened $10
Polish Change fingers/$12.50 toes/$15
Nail extension removal $12.50
Nail art $6/per nail
French polish $8 extra

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